Three Ways to Get Started with Audio Blogging

Audio blogging may sound straightforward, but there are a variety of use cases out there. In this article, we’re looking at three use cases for audio blogs.

Three Ways to Get Started with Audio Blogging

In the last post in this series, we covered the tools you need to add audio to your blog. Now we’re taking a look at three different ways you can use those tools to get started adding your voice to your content to have the greatest impact on your audience.

Whether you choose to add an audio layer to your existing blog posts, test a podcast’s reception before launching, or upload existing audio files to support your written content, you’re making your content more accessible, engaging, and interactive than ever before.

Getting started with audio blogging

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to voice blogging and adding audio to your written content. Everyone has their own preferences for their processes and the tools they use, and even for the way they use audio content.

Here, we’re looking at three of the ways you can get started with audio blogging. These include:

  • Adding audio content to your written content, both old and new;
  • Testing the reception of a podcast idea; and
  • Uploading audio files to support your written content.

Let’s examine each of these approaches in further detail.

By adding audio content to your written content, both existing and new

If you’re happy with your written content, but want to add a touch of personality to it, you can always embed your audio content into your written post, giving your audience the best of both audio and the written word,allowing them to have their choice of how they want to consume your content. This happy medium also lets you see how your audience chooses to interact with your content, whether they prefer to read it themselves or hear it read to them.

This is also an incredibly accessible use case, accommodating individuals with visual impairments and those with hearing impairments.

At Allears, we’re passionate about supporting writers with our easy to use, all-in-one recording and publishing tool. By providing bloggers with a seamless way to integrate their written content with audio content, we’re helping them stand out among their competition and add an element of expressiveness to their content that wasn’t possible before.

By testing the reception of a podcast idea

Aspiring podcasters, take note: You can use embedded audio content to conduct a sort of “soft launch” of your podcast content, testing your audiences’ reaction to the topic (and the format). With the right software, like Allears, the process of recording, editing, and embedding audio content is simplified, meaning it takes less time and is less labor intensive than recording, editing, and publishing a traditional hosted podcast.

Even if you plan to move toward a hosted option in the future, using an audio blog as a means to test your podcast’s reception before a formal launch is a savvy business decision, especially if you already have your own website to embed the audio files on.

By uploading audio files to support your written content

Adding audio to written content doesn’t overshadow the words on the screen — instead, it accentuates them, giving them dimension and making your content multi-faceted. A powerful example of this use case is a music blog. The ways a music blogger can use audio clips to make their content come alive are plenty. News and current event bloggers can embed sound bites and talking points. Even for personal blogs, there’s the potential for audio files, beyond a recording of the written post, to make an impact on your writing.

Embedding audio files doesn’t have to be a complicated process, either. With Allears, not only can you embed existing content into your blog post, you can also upload existing audio files and embed them as well, giving you endless possibilities for how you can integrate audio files with your written content.

Which path will you take when experimenting with audio?

No matter which of the paths you choose, before you get started on your audio blogging journey make sure you read the next article in this series, The do’s and don’ts of audio content, to avoid the most common pitfalls associated with audio content. Whether you’re embedding a pre-existing audio file to accentuate your blog post or experimenting with a podcast concept before you launch it, you’ll need to know what missteps to avoid in adding audio content to your blog.